The animal species of Ladakh have shown an excellent ecological adaptation and flourished at high altitudes. Travelers find the wildlife of Ladakh interesting both in terms of ecological specialization and their occurrence in the remote regions of Ladakh.

The main features of most important Wild Animals are:

Yak is the largest wild animal found in Ladakh. It can easily be distinguished by its long black hair. It lives in summers at a height above 6,000 meters & in winter it moves in herds to the lakes, marshes and lower valleys.

Urial or shapu (Ovis orientalis) is the smallest sheep in the world. These sheep prefer the grassy mountain slopes.

The Ibex or Capra Ibex is also a big attraction for wildlife lovers. Trekkers often spot them, for they are found in good numbers in the district of Laakh.

The area of Ladakh also supports and shelters a good population of snow leopards. The snow leopard is found in the high mountainous regions of Ladakh.

Bird Species in Ladakh

The region of Ladakh is also known to shelter around 310 species of birds. The places where you can spot birds are

  • Suru Valley
  • Rizong Monastery
  • Hemis National Park
  • Rumbak Valley
Species of birds found in Ladakh are
  • Fire-capped Tit
  • Black necked crane
  • White-tailed Rubythroat
  • Longbilled Bush Warbler
  • Little Forktail
  • Wallcreeper
  • Brown Dipper
  • Golden Eagle
  • Himalayan Snowcock
  • Rock Bunting